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The official news blog for CoVerse. Check here for server updates.

Final update v8.6 is here

This update will be the final update to v8 on Android and iOS. v8.5 improves the Ponder design and moved Ponder Asks&Answers into the Ponder tab. v8.6 improves image loading performances. The server will continue to receive updates, but this will be the final update on the v8 branch. Next update v9 will introduce cool new features! Stay tuned!

v8.4 is live!

v8.3 & v8.4 updates added lots of small but useful changes. Maximum number of characters per message is now 1500; World Questions contain stats such as if question has been answered or not; Achievements updated; ability to delete any Pulse comments on your post; unsubscribe from notifications of a particular Pulse post; and the latest update allows you to privately message anyone from Pulse.

v8.2 is live!

v8.2 updates the Pulse tab. New features include: swipe control for changing World and Friends scope. Better notification support (Friends notification is configurable under Settings. Notification Bell has a "Dismiss All" button to dismiss all notifications), Pulse Comments also contains the original post to provide better context, and other minor additions. Check it out! With this update, I plan to start posting a lot more posts in the Friends scope, definitely accept my friend request if you haven't yet.

v8.1 is rolling out now.

v8.1 updates the Social tab. New features include: Profile now includes location, and you can now directly add someone as friend on their profile screen; Add/Search Friends screen updated; Mixer screen also received an update; lastly you can now buy Abilities in the Shop screen (more Abilities coming in the future). v8.2 will arrive shortly with Pulse improvements.

v8.0 updates are rolling out in stages.

v8 focuses on usability. New features in v8 will help make your experiences on CoVerse better. v8.0 is available now. Aside from small but plentiful UI changes, new features include: the ability to "undo" when you accidentally Decline a question; report inappropriate content in existing conversations; new Achievements; and others. v8.1 which improves Social & Pulse is underway and should become available shortly. Stay tuned!

Big server update

Lots of behind the scene server updates to make things faster and better. Selection algorithm changed a bit as well. You shouldn't experience any problems on the existing app, but if that's not the case, definitely let me know about it.

v7.5 is Now Available!

v7.3 & v7.4 changed few things and fixed lots of small bugs. v7.5 is a big update. v7.5 added new sounds, new icons, and lots of usability improvements. Discover is now called Mixer, and it replaced Nearby. I do plan to bring Nearby back in the future when that feature is more flushed out. Check out the new update and let me know what you think! If there are no major bugs to fix, the next update should be v8 with some cool new features!

v7.2 is Now Available!

v7.1 & v7.2 fixed lots of small bugs. Selling feature in Shop is also available with the latest update. v7.2 also contains quite a bit of design changes (Gift has animations now ^.^), so definitely check it out and let me know what you think!

v7.0 is Here!

v7.0 introduces Gifts! Send Gifts to others to show your appreciation! If you receive a Gift, it'll be added to your inventory and you can either re-gift it to others or sell it back to the Shop for points. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I've given everyone a special Gift! Update your app to v7.0 to see them :)

New Update Coming Soon

v7.0 is complete for Android. The minimum supported Android version has been raised to 6.0 Marshmallow, so if you are using CoVerse currently on Lollipop, definitely consider updating your OS to get our next update! v7 for iOS should be complete soon as well, once they’re both ready we’ll release the update then. Stay tuned!

CoVerse v6.5 is Now Available!

v6.4 & v6.5 fixed quite a few bugs. Thanks for sending me feedbacks on the new Pulse feature! I've tweaked it a bit to suit everyone's needs. Now you can publish up to 2 World posts, and up to 4 Friend posts. What this means is that when you publish a 3rd post to the World, your 1st post will be deleted. The limit for World and Friend is separate, so you don't have to worry about your Friend posts being deleted when you publish a World post. Definitely update to the latest version if haven’t yet!

CoVerse v6.3 is Live!

Things look great on v6 :) The previous v6.1 & v6.2 updates were mainly bug fixes and speed improvements. CoVerse will now start about 300% faster than before. v6.3 update adds the ability to Backup & Restore messages. If you're moving to a new device and wish to transfer your messages over, now you can! Simply go to More->Settings->Backup to backup your data and then on the new device go to More->Settings->Restore to get those messages back. Enjoy!

CoVerse v6 is Live!

CoVerse v6 is Live! New Pulse tab that lets you express you mood and share your stories with others. Update also contains bug fixes and other improvements. Give it a try and let me know what you think! (Sorry for the wait. This update was a pain not only to develop for, but also to test since Android 9 Pie along with iOS 12.0/12.1 was recently released. Everything is good to go now. Support for iOS 10 is dropped, which means you have to be on iOS 11+ to get this update. Minimum requirement for Android is still at Android 5.0 Lollipop for now.)

Almost there

v6 release is taking longer than expected; mainly due to the new release of iOS 12 which introduced few bugs. I will of course fix those bugs and test against the soon to be released iOS 12.1 to make sure no new bugs appear. Sorry for the delay, expect the new update to be available soon :)

In Other News

Our other project Quorus has been updated to v4! It brings tons of new features and improvements. If you have a Spotify Premium account, this app is for you! We also made our Goalie app available for iOS! Track your goals and habits with friends! Definitely try out both apps and let me know what you think. CoVerse v6 is 50% done, my focus is coming back to CoVerse, so expect this big update to be available in about 2 weeks' time.

v5.6 Available now :)

Ok, v5.5 was supposed to be the last update on v5 but I found few annoying bugs I wanted to fix before introducing all the new features in v6. If I come across any new notable bugs, I'll push out an update again. Otherwise the next update will be v6!

v5.5 Coming in a few days

v5.5 is complete on Android, just give me few days to do the same on iOS and they'll both roll out shortly. This will be the last update on v5. This update contains lots of cool stuff! New stickers in conversations, new avatars for your profile, new layout for Discover, and lastly Discover chats can now be anonymous or non-anonymous. This update contains few bug fixes as well, so it's important to update your app as soon as possible. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Stay tuned for CoVerse v6 news!

v5.4 Available now!

v5.4 is available for both iOS & Android! This update adds a "Deanonymize" feature to allow you to send a deanonymize request to the other user when chatting with them anonymously. Once the request is accepted, both of you will be able to see each other's profile. (Your profile is hidden until the request is either accepted or dismissed). This update contains quite of bit of other smaller UI changes. Definitely give it a try and let me know what you think. I anticipate one more update on the version 5 branch, then it'll be brand new stuff in v6!

v5.3 Available now!

Brand new chat view for iOS! It looks pretty awesome if you ask me :) It has been tested and shouldn't be buggy, I'll monitor it and push out an update if needed. Android's chat view has also been updated a bit. v5.4 will become available to add some cool features.

v5.2 Available on iOS

v5.2 for iOS is rolling out now. Upcoming v5.3 update which will contain a new chat view will become available for iOS in about a week. The update for Android will follow shortly.

v5.2 Available on Android

Quite a few changes for Android in this change. Changes include many behind the scene bug fixes and improvements, and other noticeable UI changes. Some of these UI changes include Ponders displaying audience count numbers, new theme for all dialogs, and new sounds for few actions such as Thanks (Thumbs-Up). v5.2 for iOS will come in the upcoming days.

Updates Coming

Many behind the scene upgrades were made. Server should be faster and both Android & iOS app should run smoother as well. Expect an update to come out for iOS and Android about a weeks time.

v5.1 is live for Android & iOS

CoVerse v5.1 fixed many bugs and improved the UI. Lots of small bug fixes and design improvements, together they add up to make quite a bit of difference. Definitely update and let us know if you experience any issues.

Major update is here!

CoVerse v5 for iOS & Android is here! Brand new UI and a new Discover mode that lets you ask public questions or have private chats with a specific user without adding them as a friend. Update also contains bug fixes and speed improvements. Definitely give the new Discover mode a shot and let me know what you think!

v4.4 Available now

v4.4 introduced a new feature that'll allow you to get a list of recent users on CoVerse, so you can add them as friends if interested. This feature will be further expanded upon in the near future. This update also fixes few bugs and tidied things up for the next big update. The next update will be significant as it'll change the UI and add many new and cool features. Stay tuned for that!

v4.3 Available for iOS & Android

Happy New Year! v4.3 has been submitted and will be rolling out in the next few days. As discussed earlier, iOS dropped support for iOS 9 & Android dropped support for KitKat. So definitely update your phone if you're running on an older device. This update is significant for iOS as it provides better notification and iPad support. Aside from bug fixes and other improvements, the only new stuff is the ability to send images as first Ponder reply. This update also should be the last maintenance update, which means next version will have more cool new features!

New updated server!

Happy holidays everyone! Server has finished its first significant code and component update. I refactored the code and also updated lots of components. Only thing left to do would be to improve on few of the items that could be made more scalable. I will get to that soon.

Join our Quorus Community!

While you're waiting for the next CoVerse update, why not listen to some awesome music with friends and join our Quorus community!? We launched a major update on Quorus to v2. It contains many awesome new features and improvements. You can download Quorus for iOS and Android here!

v4.2 Available for iOS & Android

v4.2 fixes some inconsistencies with the previous update and it'll serve as the last update for iOS 9 & Android Kitkat. In order to support cool new features, CoVerse needs to target newer software devices. Stay tuned for the next update!

iOS update complete

CoVerse update for iOS is finally complete, it'll be available in the App Store in the next couple days. Code is completely refactored to match that of Android and fixed numerous bugs. Image attachment is working again, along with Quiet Hour and many other features. Few UI additions and performance improvements. CoVerse offically supports iOS 11 and iPhone X! Check it out! Time to refactor and do the same for the server. Server code definitely needs some work to improve performance and be more scalable. Hope to have that done soon. In the mean time, keep an eye out for small Android and iOS updates in the next few days.

Android update complete

I've been rolling out small updates for Android the past 2 weeks. This big v4.1 update completes Android's update cycle for now. It adds few UI changes and improves app performance and usability. Many bugs were fixed and the app should run very smoothly. The source code has been completely refactored and tested. This is done so that new features can quickly be added and won't cause any problems. I'll switch focus to iOS now, CoVerse on iOS definitely needs some work. Once iOS version gets updated to where Android is now, then new features will start coming I promise :)

New update for Android available

This update makes CoVerse run more smoothly on Android Oreo and added few awesome features. Instead of releasing tons of new stuff all at once for this version 4.0 milestone, I've decided to introduce these features over multiple updates. This means you should expect another update coming soon. Likewise for iOS.

Long time no see!

Sorry for being out of touch and not updating CoVerse as much as I would have liked! We have been busy learning and working on few interesting projects. If you would like to see what we have been working on, checkout our new Projects page! All the apps we make are of high quality just like CoVerse, so give it a try and let us know what you think. Now that iOS 11 and Android 8.0 Oreo has been released, I will be making consistent updates to CoVerse again. Stay tuned to see exciting new changes! I'll push out an update within a week to get the app to run smoothly on both new platforms (not that the app isn't running smoothly right now, but will be even more so ☺).