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Share opinions on a topic of your interest. Ask for advice from others nearby or contribute opinions of your own. CoVerse allows you to message your friends or anyone in the world directly or anonymously for advice or just to chat.

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Quorus gives you the power to create collaborative playlists and listen live to not only your music, but also your friend's music.Instead of just one person that controls the playlist on road trips or at parties, Quorus allows you to create a playlist, and let your friends add their music to the playlist so everyone can listen to this collaborative playlist live.

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(Your Business App)

CoVerse offers personalized business solutions. Our current expertise is in e-commerce. Check out a mobile solution for one of our customers. China Garden is a custom food ordering experience, where customers place and then pay for their orders on their phones. The business will receive the order via an automated thermal printer. (Yes, we will provide and setup the printer and other hardware if applicable). Does your business need a mobile app to attract more customers? Contact us to discuss what your needs are.

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Other Projects


Goalie is open source! Checkout the source here: GitHub

Create, track and reach your goals with friends! Goalie allows you to create a goal, and then assign a friend be your referee to help grade your progress. Your friend will hold you accountable and they can also help you along the way by sending you reminders. For extra incentive to reach your goals, try wagering your reputation points on the outcome!

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